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Yitzhak Yamin painter and sculptor

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Since the beginning of his artistic way and more than 30 years, Yitzhak Yamin not only practices art but also teaches it. Yamin taught and still teaching hundreds of students who take lessons in his studio in Jerusalem. With Yamin’s guidance, many of his students became well known artists presenting their own exhibitions in Israel and around the world.

 The artist teaches in small and intimate groups throughout the belief that “Anyone can learn how to paint”.

For more information and registration please call 02-6719119 or email: idoyamin@gmail.com

Yitzhak Yamin


Yitzhak Yamin was born in Iraq, and in 1951 emigrated to Israel. As a newcomer to Israel, he lived with his parents and his eleven brothers and sisters in a transit camp near Jerusalem. At the age of sixteen, Yamin left home and dedicated himself to art. In 1961 he graduated from theBezalel Art School in Jerusalem.

During the sixties Yamin won the “Sharet Foundation” scholarship for young artists, and studied under the supervision of the artist Ernest Fox. His art utilizes a variety of painting techniques, such as sketch, watercolor painting, tempera paintings and oil on canvas. Beside being a painter Yamin also practices in plastic art, creating sculptures made of bronze, wood, marble, iron and stone.

Yamin painted portraits of many well-known figures such as Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the late prime minister Menachem Begin, and the late Egyptian president Anwar Al Sadat. During his many years of creation, Yamin had many solo exhibitions and participated in group shows. His paintings and sculptures are displayed in many private collections, public collections and galleries in Israel and abroad.

The “Holly Jerusalem” carpet designed by him is part of the “Rekanaty” collection in the Discount Bank in Tel-Aviv. In 1980 he designed and built a statue in memory of the fight over the Castel Hill. At the beginning of the nineties, he was invited to design a memorandum room for the veterans of the patrol unit “Sayeret Haruv” in the Jordan Valley.

Yizhak Yamin taught art in elementary schools and high schools. In 1970 he opened his own private school in which he passes on his knowledge of art to new generations of students.